Reasons Why You Should Let Your Hair Grow Long

All women will come to one point in their lives where they get torn between keeping their hair long or chopping it off. This is a very common dilemma for all the women out there. And honestly? It ain’t easy. Some women will go ahead and just cut their long and luscious hair short, yet some will not.

If you are going through this tough time of your womanhood, you might be looking for a valid reason why you should allow your hair to grow long. Check out each of the reasons why a woman should wear long hair and see if it is valid enough for you.

Long Hair Are Attention Grabber

long hair are attention grabber

Long silky locks are very attractive which is why wearing them will surely grab attention. Have you seen a woman who is confidently wearing her long luxurious tresses and you cannot help but stare? That is one of the reasons why long locks are better.

However, if you are not the kind of person who enjoys too much attention then the next reasons might be good enough for you.

You Can do Multiple Hairstyle

Curly hairstyle

Short hair will not give you the luxury of multiple hairstyles. You cannot wear a ponytail, a braid, or a bun. Long locks on the other hand will allow you to do a lot of things on your locks. It will let you experiment with different hairstyles that short hair won’t let you do.

If you are the kind of woman who wants to wear different hairstyles at every event, then you must allow your hair to grow long. Create and enjoy different hairstyles every day with your long and beautiful locks.

Provide a Luxurious Look

Hair grow long will provide you luxurious look

Even if you do not exert any effort, you will surely look and feel luxurious with long hair. You do not need to style it all the time. Even if you just let it hang straight on your back or give it a beach wave, you will look amazing without even trying.

As long as you keep your locks healthy, you will never have to worry about what kind of hairstyle you will be going to wear the next time. Leave it as is and flaunt your healthy and shiny hair all day long.

Helps You Save Money

woman holding a dollar

With long hair, you will never have to go to the salon every 6 weeks. Maintaining short hair will require you to have constant trips to the salon. You will need to trim your locks often to keep them short. But with long hair, you will just let it grow month by month.

In Maintaining long hair, you will only have to visit the salon once a year to trim split ends and make your hair look healthy.

Long Hair is More Feminine

Long hair is mostly associated with femininity. In some cultures, hair measures the real beauty and charm of a woman. Thus, the longer and healthier a woman’s hair is, the more she becomes more womanly.

Women who look more feminine tend to be more attractive. So if you want to look more feminine and to be attractive, it is best to wear long locks than cut them short.

You Are Always On Trend

No matter what year it is, if you have long hair, you will never go out of trend. Every year, a new trend of hair is being released and long hair will always have its spot on the list. The reason behind this is that long hair does not go out of style.

It is timeless and many women love the classic and sleek look that long hair provides. There is no reason why you cannot flaunt your long hair no matter what hair trends come and go.

Will Balance Your Body and Face Proportions

Long locks provide a balance on your body and face proportion. For women who have a pear shape body type, long hair flowing down your back can stretch out your silhouette thus balancing out the proportions. This is also why you must know what body shape you have and style your hair accordingly.

Moreover, a woman’s face shape can also have a significant impact on choosing the best hairstyle for you. Each face shape compliments a respective hairstyle. Try to understand your body and face shape before even deciding to cut your locks.

Feel Empowered with Your Long Locks

Your hair is considered to be the reflection of your health and is also known to carry a lot of memories within. This is why many women cut their hair whenever a change of event occur in their life. In some cultures, that hair is more than just a decoration, it is the proclamation of your life force.

Having long hair will also make you feel in control of yourself. If you are able to handle long hair then there is nothing else you cannot handle.

Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Longer Fast

Now that you know why having long locks is better, you probably want to have it now. But what if you already cut it short? or you usually wear short hair but are now convinced that long hair is better? Worry no more as there are so many ways to grow your locks long fast.

Wear A Hair Extension

woman wearing hair extension

An instant option on how to have a long hair fast is to install a hair extension. A hair extension will give you a chance to have long and voluminous locks instantly. All you have to do is to visit a hair extension salon and let the expert install the extension on your hair.

Here at Wonderful Extensions, we provide quality hair extensions that are made from real human hair for a more natural look. We use bio bonds hair extensions to ensure that your natural locks will continue to grow healthily.

We use three different types of human hair in our salon: Euroasian Hair, Russian Hair, and European Hair. You will have a chance to choose which one you like. Of course, our hair extension experts will also gladly assist you throughout the process to ensure you will get the best hair you deserve.

Grow Your Hair by Eating Healthily

Although hair-growing supplements are now widely available in the market, they still won’t beat eating healthily. Instead of spending extra cash on purchasing these supplements why not consume more hair growth-inducing food such as:

  • Fish with fatty acids like herring, mackerel, and salmon.
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Soybeans
  • Beans

All in all, eating protein-rich and omega-3-rich food is the best option if you want to grow not only long but healthy hair. Eating the suggested food will keep your locks stronger preventing hair loss and promoting hair to grow.

Whatever you eat will have a significant impact on your hair health. So, to make your hair grow faster, it is best not to only rely on hair products but also eat the food that will help your hair grow long.

Do Not Shampoo Daily

This tip has already become a staple on every haircare advice. The reason behind this is that shampooing every single day will strip off your hair’s natural oils leaving it dry, brittle, and unhealthy thus it will become prone to breakage.

From shampooing your locks every day, why not opt to shampoo it every other day or even twice a week? All of us want clean hair and scalp, but there is another way to clean it without stripping its oils. Why not use a dry shampoo or cleansing conditioner in between shampoos instead?

Both alternatives can give you clean hair and scalp without the damaging effect of regular shampoo. If you want your hair to grow longer fast, it is best to avoid daily shampoo and invest in healthier alternatives.

Do Not Forget To Condition Your Hair

Hair Grow using vitamins

A slow-growing hair means that the hair is brittle. Brittle hair follicles mean constant breakage that makes your hair slow-growing. When you have brittle hair, you will experience hair loss often. One way to avoid having brittle hair is to condition it regularly.

Use condition that consists of growth vitamins like zinc and biotin. Both ingredients will help your hair follicles to restore their growth proteins that in return will promote hair growth. It is best to use conditioner every after shampoo but it is also better to schedule a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Avoid Heat Styling As Much As Possible

Heat is another factor that hinders hair growth. If you want to achieve long locks in a short period, it is best to avoid styling using heat. There are few tricks you can use in straightening and curling your hair without using heat.

If you are used to blow-drying your hair every day, it is best to stop and let it air dry instead. In some circumstances where you will need to dry your hair fast, it is best to use cold air to blow dry your hair instead of hot air.

You will have to be more cautious in making sure your locks will be healthy to make them stronger and promote hair growth fast. Additionally, if you make sure your locks are healthy, you will never have to worry about styling them anymore.

Trim Your Locks Regularly to Promote Hair Growth

Although it may sound contradicting but trimming your hair regularly will help to make your hair grow. Trimming your ends regularly will help get rid of split ends and damage on the tip of your locks. As a result, it will make your tips stronger which make your locks grow faster.

If you haven’t got your recent trim yet, it is best to book an appointment with the nearest salon and start a regular trim schedule. You will be surprised by how fast your hair will grow despite the regular trimmings you are doing.

Indulge Yourself With a Scalp Massage or Scrub

Your hair follicles are located on your scalp. It is why having a healthy and stress-free scalp also has a huge impact on your hair growth and health in general. Try stimulating your roots by using a scalp scrub to eliminate the buildup of products that congest your hair follicles.

A scalp massage, on the other hand, is the best way to relieve stress and help your scalp to relax. Allocate 4 minutes daily in massaging your scalp. Expect to see results after 24 weeks of doing daily scalp massage.

A scalp massage will improve blood flow which will make your locks healthier and stronger. Aside from achieving long locks, it will also be a great way to relax. You can use a scalp massager for the best experience.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils do not only smell good and are relaxing but can also help in promoting hair growth. However, there are only specific essential oils that can be useful in achieving long healthy locks. If you wanted to try incorporating essential oil into your routine or use it for scalp massage, it is best to pick the following oils:

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Rosemary Oil

You will be glad about how essential oils will work on your hair. You will also be happy by how relaxing it is to apply to your hair and scalp.

Stop Manhandling Your Locks

There are things we do to our locks that we have no idea how damaging they can be. One example of this is rubbing your locks with a towel. Another example is brushing your locks harshly. This behaviour of yours should go if you want to have long and gorgeous locks in a short period.

Try to brush your hair with care and use a microfibre towel or a t-shirt to dry your locks. Avoid rubbing it just let the microfibre towel do its job and soak all moisture from your hair.

Final Words

Girl with long colored hair

Long hair symbolizes womanhood. Since the time of the Greeks and the Romans, long hair is an ultimate symbol of health, social status, wealth, and feminity. Up until today, long hair still provides this symbol which is why a woman wearing long locks looks better and more attractive.