The Best Eye-Catching Hairstyle to Wear on Your First Date

First dates are very important. This is the first step of getting to know each other, so you must dress to impress. First impressions last most of the time it is why you must be well-prepared before showing yourself to your date.

You must plan ahead of time from the clothes you will wear, accessories, makeup, and most especially, your hair. There are so many hairstyles you can choose from but only a few will provide you with the look that your date will never forget. Choose from the hairstyles below to make an eye-catching look that will surely impress.

The Classic Smooth and Straight Hair

Girl at the back with the straight hair for  first date.

If you are the type of woman who does not want to go overboard on the first date, this classic straight look will be the recommended style for you. It has a simple and sleek style yet it still looks gorgeous and glamorous at the same time.

For some, this hairstyle can be a bit boring but long straight hair is attractive to look at, especially if you have healthy locks. If you want to go with this hairstyle, you must make sure that you apply a generous amount of heat protection before using hair straighteners. Heat protectants are very effective products you can use to protect your hair.

After you straighten your hair, add oil or anti-frizz serum to ensure that your hair will be manageable the entire night. If your hair tends to fall on your face, it is best that you pin back your front hair with small clips to save you from the inconvenience of keeps pushing your hair back.

Ponytail as First Date Hairstyle

Woman with ponytail hair

Another simple yet chic hairstyle that will surely capture the eyes of your date is the ponytail. This hairstyle does not get old as it provides women with good first impression looks. If you are the type of woman who wants to be organized, this look will give you a beautiful appearance and won’t be messy to wear.

You can opt for a face-framing ponytail to enhance your face. Tie your hair in a ponytail but leave a few strands of loose hair on the sides of your face. These loose hair will help frame your face and will surely make your date’s eyes lock on you.

Another great way to wear a ponytail is to tie them high. Look how Ariana Grande rocks her high ponytail all the time. Isn’t she look gorgeous and glamorous with this simple, sleek, and clean hairstyle?

A high ponytail is indeed a real eye-catcher despite how simple the look it can give. When opting for this look, you might want to put some design gel to make your hair flatten to the roots. It can also help keeps your hair away from your face which at the same time highlights your makeup.

Loose Braids as First Date Hair Style?

Braided loose Hair

The next hairstyle recommendation is wearing your hair in a loose braid. There are so many types of braided hairstyles but the loose braid is the sexiest of them all. Being sexy is your main goal on your first date and a loose braid is an effective way of getting your date more interested in you.

For some, loose braids can be a messy hairstyle that can ruin their looks. However, if you know how to wear them, you will surely look sexy which makes your date want you more. A loose braid is also the best hairstyle for women who feel nervous and fidgets on the first date.

Braiding your hair will keep them away from your face and hands. This way you will not be going to touch your hair every once in a while and avoid those awkward hair twisting moments. Additionally, wearing your braids loose will add boldness to your hairstyle.

Romantic Bun

Beautiful woman in bun hair

What makes a first date more romantic than wearing romantic hairstyles such as the romantic bun. The Romantic Bun hairstyle resembles women in the 1920’s Great Gatsby. If you wanted to look elegant on your first date then this is the best way to style your hair.

This bun is also easy to style on your own. It does not need to have a lot of skills to achieve the romantic bun and won’t also look bad if done wrong. It is a messy bun anyway so nobody won’t notice if you style it wrong.

What is important for this look is that it can provide elegance to your look for the night. The hairstyle does not need to be perfect. As long as it serves its purpose and it looks good on your overall appearance then you are good to go.

Long Romantic Waves

Blonde Wavy Hair

If you have long wavy hair, then you are lucky. You will never have to worry about styling your hair anymore. Just wear your long wavy hair on your first date and you will surely receive a lot of compliments.

As a matter of fact, wavy hair is also referred to as “sex hair” because of its approachable yet romantic vibe. This hairstyle is also easy to achieve. If your hair is naturally curly, you will just have to finger brush the curls to make them look likes a loose wave.

For women with straight hair, you can curl your hair in numerous ways you want. You can use a curling iron or other heatless options to make sure your hair is protected. Do not forget to use a hair heat protectant when choosing to use a curling iron on your hair.

After a few minutes of curling, you will achieve a long romantic wave that is suitable for your first date. You will surely make a good first impression so brace yourself for the second date.

Massive Bun

Brunette Bun Hair

For a sophisticated and simple impression, why not style your hair on a massive bun? This hairstyle is the best go-to for women going on a date. The massive bun is suitable for casual or fancy date night attire.

It also fits perfectly with your nude or bright makeup. In short, the massive bun goes perfectly with anything which makes it the favourite default hairstyle for most women going on a date.

However, what you must remember when wearing the massive bun hairstyle is that you should not forget to fix your high bun with a strong hair spray that can make it firm and hold it in place for a long period.

Add Cute Accessories

Hair Accessories for your first date

Adding cute hair clips and barrettes can also improve your look. If you have short hair that can not be styled, it is best that you use hair accessories that can make your hairstyle look great. Hair accessories are not only best for short hair.

It can also be worn by women with long hair. You can as well add hair accessories even if you opt to style your hair in any of the above-mentioned hairstyles.

Aside from hair clips and barrettes, the 60’s headband can also look good on you. It will make you look charming and subtle with a romantic vibe of the ’60s. This hair accessory will be forever a good option for women on their first date.

To achieve these hairstyles more beautifully, you can as well choose to install hair extensions to provide more volume and life to your hair. Our bio bonds hair extension looks natural on your hair that your date won’t even notice you are wearing. You too won’t notice you have them installed for a more comfortable experience.

Be Comfortable On Your First Date

Girl in orange dress with her cellphone on her first date

Knowing what hairstyle will look good on you on your first date is not the only thing that should matter. You must also remember when picking a first date hairstyle is to choose the one that you feel most comfortable on. You must not wear a hairstyle that you feel uncomfortable with no matter how good it looks. If you are comfortable with yourself it will radiate, which will give your date a good first impression.