Bio Bonds Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to get a new hair style while your current style grows out, to allow your natural hair to grow and become healthier while still having hair to style, and to get the hair you want if your hair is thin or damaged. Hair extensions are a fantastic option for anyone that wants to try something new out with their hair and that may not want to or be able to grow their hair to the lengths or thickness that they could get with hair extensions.

What are Bio Bonds Hair Extensions?

Bio Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to change up your hair and get the style, length, and thickness that you want. That being said, some hair extension clips and glues can damage hair and make it difficult for your natural hair to keep growing and to be healthy under your hair extensions. With the right hair extensions and the right bonding method, your hair extensions can enhance your hair without damaging it.

It is helpful to know a little bit about the basic structure of a hair extension to know how something like Bio Bonds is going to help keep your hair healthy. A hair extension consists of the hair, the weft, and the bond point at which it is attached to the hair. For semi-permanent hair extensions like those that are glued to the hair, the bond is the point at which the hair extension is bonded or glued to the hair. This point is where many people have issue with hair extensions. The glue that is used to attach hair extensions has the ability to dry out the hair, to make the hair at the bond point weak, and to truly damage the hair.

Bio Bonds is a sustainable and healthy option that allows you to have hair extensions and to have the beautiful hair that is healthy and that has not been damaged by the glue from the hair extensions. Bio Bonds is a natural system of keratin bonds that are infused with rich biotine to help your hair grow faster and to grow stronger and that will not damage the hair. Extensions that are fitted with bio bonds will not damage the hair and will actually promote the growth of your hair so that you can have healthy and beautiful hair even under your extensions.

Bio Bonds are easy to use and can be cleaned and reused after your hair has grown out. This is not only fantastic if you are trying to save money, this also helps to keep your extensions usable longer so that they are not wasted and not thrown out after one use. Bio Bonds is a great way to use hair extensions without damaging your hair or damaging the hair extension itself.

How Does Bio Bonds Work?

The main difference between bio bonds and other traditional glue in hair extensions is the formula of the glue itself. Instead of harmful chemicals that can dry out the hair and make it weak and difficult to grow, bio bonds uses natural ingredients like keratin and biotine that are already present in your own natural hair structures. These compounds help to nourish the hair and promote faster growth of hair that is stronger and more sustainable.

Bio Bonds , unlike traditional glue in  or sew in extensions, works to nourish and protect the hair rather than damage it so that your natural hair can grow under the extension and the extension can then be used again after a time saving you time and money. Bio Bonds hair extensions are changing the way that people do hair extensions and are helping to present users with a more reliable, useful, and safe hair extension option so that users have healthier, more beautiful hair that is not being damaged by your hair extensions.

If you want hair extensions but are hesitant about risking the health of your hair because of damaging glue or sew in methods, Bio Bonds is a viable and healthy option. This method is going to allow you to have the thick, long, lustrous hair that you want without the damage of traditional hair extension methods so that you can have the hair you want without having to worry about how it is damaging your hair. This is a wonderful method that can help to promote natural hair growth and can help you to have the hair you have always dreamed of without the damage of traditional hair extensions.

Bio Hair Extensions

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