Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

After spending a significant amount of money on hair colour, you would want to make sure that it stays longer on your hair as long as possible. You do not want your hair colour to fade quickly after spending all those money.

How the hair colour fades varies from one person to the other all depending on how you take care of it. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure that your hair colour lasts longer. Plus it will make your colour vibrant and glowing for the longest time possible.

Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Right Away

Hair Shampoo

Hair colour needs at least 24 hours to settle in your hair. The hair colour will not settle properly if you shampoo it right away. If a hair colour does not have enough time to settle it tends to fade even if you had dyed your hair.

Wait at least 24 hours before you attempt to shampoo your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair after 48 hours from when the hair colour was applied for the best result. Your hair will still be clean after the hairstylist shampoo it during the colouring process.

If you need to wash your hair, make sure that you use cold water and avoid shampooing. Running cold water through your hair will be enough to get rid of dirt and dust on your hair in the meantime.

Use Shampoo Less Often

Not only avoiding shampoo on your hair within 24 hours from colouring is important. Using a shampoo less often is also a vital tip to ensure that your hair dye lasts longer. If you shampoo your hair often, it will strip away your hair’s natural oils and make the colour fade.

If you need to clean your hair between shampoos, you can opt to use dry shampoo instead. You cannot control your hair from becoming dirty and greasy. Especially if you have oily hair but you can do a lot of things to protect your hair colour from fading quickly.

Hair experts recommend washing your hair less and dry shampoo more often. This will help make your hair colour vibrant for the longest time possible. Additionally, if you shampoo your hair, make sure that you only focus on your root and avoid applying it to the length of your hair.

Use the Right Product

shampoo product for hair

Once your hair is already colour treated, you must consider choosing the right hair product that suits your hair. It is recommended to use products that are made solely for colour treated hair.

Choose hair products that do not contain alcohol, sulfates and other chemicals that can damage your hair and its colour. The hair dye can dry your hair already and adding more chemicals will damage your hair even more. Choose hair products that are nourishing to your hair while making the colour vibrant.

There are so many hair products out there that are made for colour treated hair. You will just have to read the label and choose the products that are best for your hair. It is also advised to go organic as this contains natural ingredients that are gentle for your hair.

There are also hair products called colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners. These products are made to give colour treated hair the care it deserves.

Avoid Showering With Hot Water

young woman rinsing hair in the shower

Who doesn’t love to take hot showers? Everyone loves staying in the bathroom enjoying a long hot shower especially if the weather is cold. But, if you have colour treated hair, it is advised that you stay away from hot showers.

Hot water strips off your skin and hair’s natural moisture as well as make your hair colour look dull. You can use the hot water on your body but avoid using it on your coloured hair. When you are going to wash your coloured hair, make sure to lower the water’s temperature. It is still best to use cool water for your hair as recommended earlier.

Avoid Heat Styling

woman styling her hair using hair curler

Heat is your enemy if you have colour treated hair. In addition to avoiding hot showers for your hair is to avoid using heat in styling your hair. As a woman, we love styling our hair differently every day. However, make sure that you style yours without using heated styling tools.

For instance, there are so many ways you can curl your hair without using heated styling tools. If you love curls you must opt for other ways to curl your hair without damaging it and its colour. Moreover, using a heatless hair styling method will also benefit women who wear hair extensions.

Going heatless styling is like hitting four birds in one stone. Aside from making your hair looks gorgeous, you can ensure that your hair is not damaged. You can also make sure that your hair colour does not fade and your extensions will last longer too.

Do Not Forget to Treat Your Hair

hair treatment

You should do hair treatment once a week. Hair treatments coat your hair strands which lock in the colour and make it last longer. It can also make your hair colour vibrant and protect your hair from any damages.

When doing a hair treatment, make sure that you use a bond-building hair treatment for colour maintenance. You can also opt for a dry treatment that can strengthen your hair and repair any existing damages.

Dry treatments do not need to be washed off. You will have to leave it on your hair and rinse it off on your next shower schedule. If you do hair treatments weekly, your hair will feel and look fresh, healthy and vibrant.

A deep condition can also be a way of treating your hair. It makes sure that your hair is well conditioned which prevent drying and premature colour fading.

Choose a Long-Lasting Hair Dye

woman dye hair colour last longer

There are so many hair dyes available in the market today. Ranging from different colours up to different brands. However, some are better than others which is why you must choose the best hair dye to apply to your hair.

Opt for long-lasting hair colour to ensure that it is of high quality and will stay on your hair longer. If you choose the right hair dye for your hair, plus following the tips provided in this article, you will never have to worry about your hair colour fading quickly.

Install a Shower Filter

The water from the shower that we use to wash our hair contains chemicals such as chlorine. This chemical can damage your hair and hair colour. Investing in a shower filter can be very helpful not only in protecting your hair colour from fading. It will also protect your hair from drying.

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that is commonly present in the water. This chemical is added to raw water as part of the water treatment. It helps get rid of algae and other aquatic life forms present in the water to make it safer for human use.

A shower filter will filter all the chemicals and minerals found in the water. It will prevent the chemicals to have contact with your hair and skin. By doing so, there will be less hair colour rinsing down your drain.

This is also why you must go swimming in a pool less often if you have a coloured treated hair. Pools have a lot of chlorine that will wash out the colour from your hair making it look dull and lifeless.

Take Time to Take Care of Your Hair

woman in white dress

A colour treated hair needs to be taken care of even more. You must have patience in maintaining your coloured hair. If you wanted to get the best out of the money you spent on the salon, you must follow the mentioned tips. These help ensure that your hair and colour are well taken care of.