It’s vital to know that the source of hair is a key factor in determining its price. There is a reason, for example, why Russian hair extensions is much more expensive than Asian. Asian hair needs firstly to be repeatedly bleached before it adapts the look of European hair tones. During this process, strong acids are usually used, which damage the cuticles. To hide this straw like structure after the damage has occurred, hair is covered with a few layers of silicone. While it will look good and shiny at the beginning, over time, the silicone layers begin to wash off and the hair’s damaged structure, along with tangling and matting begins to show.

So, when it comes to hair extensions, quality is key. Quite simply, good quality costs. If you find hair extensions which are cheap, exercise caution.

At Wonderful Hair Extensions, we ONLY us REAL HUMAN HAIR. Human hair affords you the chance to seamlessly style and tint your waves without any problems. Furthermore, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your natural hair and hair extensions, which is exactly how it should be. All the hair we use is CUTICLE INTACT, which means that the cuticles face the same direction. The hair won’t get frizzy or tangled, resulting in low maintenance and easy to care for extensions.

All hair types we offer come from reputable suppliers and our own brand of hair, TheSignature has been winning the hearts of our customers for nearly a decade now.
Beautiful, virgin hair full of movement and shine, tiny organic keratin bonds, long lasting and reusable for many months. It’s pure luxury.

Types of hair we offer

Euroasian Hair

A combination of Asian and European hair, it is silky and straight but it is also suitable for styling and will hold a curl well. It’s very good in dark shades and good in medium and light blondes. It’s acceptable in lightest blonde shades but will require gentle handling and more care. It can last for about 3-5 months, depending on the aftercare.

European Hair

Soft and beautiful, this hair is sourced in Spain, Italy (mostly for dark shades) and other European countries for light ones.The European hair comes in a diverse collection of colours with a natural body structure. It can be styled with straighteners and curling tongs and will hold a curl very well. It can be dyed or tinted as required. When it is left to dry naturally, it develops a gentle wave, which is common in European hair. This type of hair is usually easy to maintain. It can be reused up to 3 times and can last for about 6months to 1 year depending on aftercare.

Russian Hair

Russian hair is luxurious, velvety and delicate, yet strong and durable. When it comes to hair extensions, this is the highest quality hair. The Russian hair is the crA?me-de-la-crA?me of hair extensions. It is expensive, but if you are after the best, nothing else will do. It can be styled and dyed as you wish and will fit seamlessly with any hair type or colour. It is grown in the cold Siberian regions and has never been chemically treated. It can last for 1-1.5 years depending on aftercare. The highest luxury and elegance will be found in Virgin Russian Hair. It is only ethically sourced and carefully selected from donors who never dyed their hair. Raw material is cut from ponytails of single donors so natural layers, fulness and volume are retained. It is thicker near the roots and gradually thins out slightly towards the ends, meaning movement is natural and hair can be cut without looking blunt or fake. It looks incredibly natural.