Heatless Way to Straighten Hair: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Heat-styling tools are very helpful in achieving beautiful straight hair every day. It helps you manage your frizz instantly without even going to the salon. However, constant exposure to excessive heat will make your hair dry, dull, and damaged in the long run.

This is the common dilemma of most women who turned to heat-styling tools in making their hair straight every time they go out. If you do not want to suffer the same fate as these women, it is best to learn some tips and tricks to help you achieve straight hair without worrying about hair damage.

To start you off, here are the tips and tricks you can follow to achieve that classy straight hair without damaging heat.

Use Straightening Hair Mask

Hair Mask for heatless way to straighten hair

The first you can do to achieve straight and manageable hair without heat is to use a hair straightening mask. You can purchase a straightening hair mask at your favourite hair care shop or you can try a do-it-yourself mask that you can do at home.

A straightening hair mask can significantly help straighten your hair without being worried about damages. Hair masks also reduce frizz which is the most common problem by most women. Plus, it can as well moisturize each hair strands that make your hair looks straighter.

If you want to go for a DIY hair mask, make sure to make a mask that has honey, milk, and raw eggs. You can as well use coconut oil or almond oil as a hot oil treatment if you have curls. This can greatly help in smoothing those curls and achieving straight hair.

Brush Your Hair While Wet To Straighten Your Hair without Heat

brushing hair while wet

Brush your hair every five minutes while wet and continuously do it until it completely dries. While brushing, pull out and hold each section of your hair. This will encourage your hair to straight up. Do it for a few seconds and release.

You can also do this trick while you are in front of a fan to dry it faster but brushing it is still the ideal way to do this properly. Do this every day so that you can also have straight hair every single day. This may be a time-consuming tip but it is worth all the time and effort.

Use A Plastic Hair Roller in Straightening Your Hair

Plastic Hair Roller for heatless way to straighten hair

This tip might sound contradicting as you are aiming for straight hair and hair curlers are known for curling hair. But contrary to the beliefs of many, a hair curler can as well help you straighten out your hair without the use of heat.

Use jumbo rollers the same as the size of a soda can. Do it while your hair is still damp. To ensure that you carry out this tip properly, here are the steps to using a hair roller in straightening your hair.

  1. First, section your damp hair.
  2. Grab a section of your hair and spray it with a hair straightening spray.
  3. Roll your hair flat on the roller. Use a brush or a small bristle comb to make sure that your hair will flatten against the surface of the roller. This step is very important to achieve straight hair afterwards.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 on other sections of your hair.
  5. Let it sit until your hair dries completely. It is vital that you make sure your hair is completely dry because even the smallest moisture can cause your curls to spring back.
  6. Brush your hair gently to make it smooth and shiny.

Wrap Wet Hair Around Your Head Overnight

Another way to wake up with straight hair is to wrap it around your head at night while wet. You will have to follow the steps below to better understand how this method works.

  1. Brush your hair to prepare it for washing.
  2. Wash your hair as you should usually do.
  3. After washing dry excess water using a microfiber towel.
  4. Once the excess water is drained off your hair, put your hair into a ponytail while wet. Make sure that your roots are flat against your scalp. To do this, use a brush to secure the hair on your scalp. Tie the ponytail and finish it off by combing your roots with a rat tail comb.
  5. Let the roots settle for about an hour.
  6. After a good 1 hour, take off the ponytail and brush your roots firmly on your scalp.
  7. Grab a section of your hair from the side of the nape of your neck and wrap it across your forehead to the other side of your head. Secure with bobby pins.
  8. Do the same on the other side.
  9. Repeat the wrapping process with all the remaining hair until all of it is securely and tightly wrap around your head.
  10. If the ends of your hair are already dry during the process, spray a little bit of water on it to make it damp.
  11. Once all hair is wrapped on your head, cover it with a satin turban or scarf.
  12. Leave it overnight.
  13. In the morning, take off the cloth and release each hair section one by one.
  14. Brush your hair.
  15. Enjoy straight hair.

Try Applying Essential Oils To Your Hair

Essential oils are known to have a lot of benefits on your hair. It was even used many centuries ago by women who want their hair to look shinier and healthier. Today, essential oils are still available for you and every woman who wants to achieve silky, shiny, and straight hair.

Coconut oil, argan oil, and almond oil are essential oils that are known to penetrate the hair shaft which makes your hair healthier and straighter. It also helps repair damages on your hair follicles and helps protect them from further damages.

Apply an essential oil on your hair before you do any of the tips mentioned above. Whether you will use hair rollers, wrap your hair overnight or any other heatless method of straightening your hair, applying essential oil prior provides more effectiveness.

Essential oil can as well be used anytime if you want as it can not only provide healthy hair but it can also make your hair smelling great. Rub a dime-sized amount of essential oil on your palm to warm it up. Once the oil is warm enough, apply it to your hair from roots to tips.

Use Hair Straightener Products

If your main goal is to have straight and silky hair, then you might want to consider incorporating straightening products into your hair care routine. You can use straightening shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and leave-in conditioner.

You can start experimenting with different hair straightening products until you figure out which one works for you best. Look for products that provide you with straight and silky hair while also managed frizzy hair.

Each individual has a different preference when it comes to hair products which is why it is advised to try different products first before concluding which product is best for your hair type. Once you found the best product, stick with it and use it as a part of your hair care routine.

Put Your Hair Into A Bun To Straighten it Up

Bun Hair

This next trick is best if you already have manageable and straight hair. This method is fairly easy and quick to do, unlike the hair wrapping technique that we talked about earlier. You will just have to make a ponytail with your damp hair and wrap your hair around the ponytail making a bun.

Secure the bun with another hair tie to keep it in place. Leave it overnight for the best result and to wake up with straight hair. This is also more comfortable than sleeping with a plastic hair roller on your head all night.

Just a reminder that this method might not work on wavy and stubborn hair. It is recommended to use the wrap-around method if you have wavy or curly hair instead as it can be more effective with your hair type.

Moreover, if you are planning to sleep with wet hair, it is best to use a satin pillowcase for this. The reason behind this is to reduce the friction of the pillowcase and your hair at night that will cause hair breakage. If you do not have a satin pillowcase, you can as well opt to wrap your hair with a satin scarf or turban just to protect it from friction.

You must always remember this tip every time you are planning to sleep with wet hair regardless of what heatless hair straightening method you are going to follow.

Have Straight Hair With No Worries

There may be a lot of people who are not yet familiar with most of the hair straightening tips and tricks featured in this article. Now that you have an idea of how to safely straight your hair, there is no more reason why you will continue to use damaging heat-styling tools. This way you will have wonderfully straight hair without worries.