Terms & Agreements

General Terms

By making a booking with Wonderful Extensions  for any hair extension services I understand and agree to the following terms regarding wearing, removing, and maintaining my extensions. If I breach this contract in any way, I cannot hold my stylist or the salon responsible for any damage.

I acknowledge that the service is final after the application. Any changes to style in style or colour I want to achieve after application will be charged accordingly and additionally.

During the appointment I acknowledge that I have inspected and approved the hair extensions that are to be installed in my hair & I am happy to proceed with application.

I also understand Wonderful Extensions has a NO REFUND POLICY

In the event that I am not happy with my hair, I agree to contact my stylist and visit the salon within a 1 week timeframe. If I do not contact or visit the salon within this timeframe to show the hair extensions the stylist will not be responsible for any cost involved to rectify/ fix the hair extensions. All cost will be at my own responsibility.


Hair Fitting Deposits

If you wish to proceed with your hair fitting appointment following over the phone or email consultation, we do require a £50 deposit to secure your hair fitting date in the diary. This has to be paid upon completing the Pre Booking Questionnaire. Link will be provided before an appointment is finalised. Deposits are non-refundable if appointment is cancelled but we will be happy to reschedule it. Notice of that has to be given within 48hrs time frame for in salon bookings and 72hrs for mobile appointments.


Hair Maintenance

After you have had your hair fitting, we require you to stick to all maintenance appointments. Hair should be refitted or removed every 2 to 4 months. This is a very important part of wearing your extensions – to help look after your new hair and protect your natural hair from damage. We do recommend booking in your maintenance at least a month in advance of your required maintenance time to ensure we are not fully booked and you are not going over your required maintenance time.



Prior to your extension appointment/maintenance, it is very important that your hair is washed with a shampoo within 24 hrs before an appointment. No conditioner or other products should be used. If your hair has not been washed correctly as advised and your hair is not oil free, we may not be able to fit your extensions and a new appointment will have to be made, resulting in the loss of deposit. This is very important as extensions will not adhere correctly to oily hair and may slip out after fitting, which we cannot be held responsible for. If extensions are fitted on non washed hair we cannot guarantee the bonds will stay in place and seal properly. Hair has to be dry and straightened for correct application. If you colour your hair we recommend this is done 2 weeks before an appointment or after due to fact that freshly coloured hair does loose some amount of colour over time. Colour matching may therefore be incorrect when your hair will start fading away.



You are required to return to the salon to have your extensions removed by us to ensure your natural hair stays in good condition; no responsibility will be accepted for any damages if extensions are removed by yourself, another salon or third party. We also require you to have your extensions taken out in the correct timescale ie up to 4 months. No responsibility will be accepted for any damage caused beyond the recommended removal period.


Services by others

If you have your extensions cut/topped up/removed or refitted by anyone other than our salon, no responsibility will be accepted for problems arising.


Quality issues

If, for whatever reason, you feel there is a problem with the quality of your extensions – which can happen on rare occasions as hair is an organic product (you will notice this within three weeks) – you need to make us aware of the problem urgently. We will need you to come into the salon so we can check your hair. All hair will be removed and sent back to the supplier for further testing, provided all of the aftercare advice and products have been used. Should a fault be found with the hair, we will refit and replace your hair free of charge.



By making an appointment you do agree the aftercare advice is followed. It is available on our website and a key info will be given to you at the back of the business card. Please never assume anything always ask we are here for you and happy to help. By aftercare we understand keeping up to refitting schedules, not over wearing hair. Using correct products and Dos and Don’ts or hair extensions.


Any problems arising

Should a problem arise, you must come into the salon within 48 hours of the issue arising to allow me to have a look in person and rectify any issues. It is extremely important that all clients are satisfied and happy and I will do my utmost to resolve any problems. No refund will be given if a visit has not been arranged within 48 hours so we can look at the hair, or if the problem has arisen due to another salon or third party.