Important Things You Need To Know About Coloring Hair Extensions

Hair extension should not stop you from styling and changing your hair colour according to what you want. If you are planning to style your hair by dyeing your extension, there are important factors you will have to know before you go to the salon or dye it yourself.

The first thing you must know is about the types of material used in hair extensions which is also important if you want to colour it. It is best to get yourself familiar with the two types of hair extensions for you to be able to know what is the proper colouring process is best for each type of extension.

Hair Extension Types

Like wigs, hair extensions also have variations in the materials used in making the product. If you are planning to have a hair extension, the following are the options that you can choose from.

Synthetic Hair Extension

Tape Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are made from different synthetic materials and blended fibres. These materials are made from plastic that is manufactured to imitate real human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are the cheaper option for you but you can still ensure that the quality is good as it still looks like real human hair.

However, When it comes to dyeing, synthetic hair extensions can’t be dyed using natural hair dye as they will not end up the way you want them to be. Additionally, synthetic hair extensions are only good for a short period of usage as they will only last up to a few months.

Real Human Hair Extension

If you are looking for more durable hair extensions that will last a year then you must opt for real human hair extensions. Its name can already give you a hint as to what material this type of hair extension is made of.

When you choose real human hair extensions, you can be sure that you are wearing real human hair from top to bottom. If you are looking into dyeing your hair extensions regularly within a year then you must choose the real human hair extension as it can be easy to colour just like with your natural hair.

Hair extensions of three colors

What To Do Before Coloring Your Hair Extension

To ensure that you will not regret dyeing your hair extension, it is best to do a test run before doing your entire hair. First, you must test your hair extension to know if it can handle the chemical from the dye that you are using.

This test is similar to the patch test for skincare products where you test the product to know how your skin reacts. The hair test is similar where you will need to try the colouring product on a small part of your hair extension to know how it reacts.

Not all hair extensions can withstand the chemical from hair dye which is why a patch test is important before you apply any product to your hair extension. Once you established that your extensions can handle the chemical in the brand you are using, you can now soak your entire hair extension into the dye.

The next thing you must remember is to prepare all the necessary tools such as a hair dye brush, the hair dye itself, bowl, hair clip, and gloves. Never forget to wear hand gloves before you handle the hair dye as the chemicals in the product can irritate your skin.

Any other items you think that are necessary for dyeing your extension should also be readily available before you do the hair dyeing.

Tips To Properly Dye Your Hair Extension

If you are dyeing your hair extensions for the first time and are not sure how to do it properly, there are tips available that can guide you in dyeing your hair extensions on your own at home. You can follow these tips provided below to get you started in dyeing your extensions to the colour that you want.

Use The Right Coloring Product

If your extensions are made from real human hair, you can just use ordinary hair dye you usually use for your hair. The procedure is also the same as how you dye your hair. If you haven’t colour your hair before, you can check the hair dye instruction or refer to a step-by-step guide on how to colour your hair that you can usually find online.

However, if your extensions are synthetic, it is best to use an acrylic ink dye to colour the synthetic material on your extension. A natural hair dye won’t work on a synthetic hair extension and can even damage the bonds on the extension because of the strong chemicals present in the hair dye. This is the reason why it is important to choose the right colouring product according to your hair extensions.

Choose The Right Color For You

This tip is more of a general tip when colouring your hair. Always consider your skin tone when deciding which colour you will dye your hair and your extensions. The rule of the thumb is paler skin tone must opt for a warmer shade and if you have a darker skin tone then a cooler shade will greatly look good on you.

Permanent, Semi, or Demi-Permanent Hair Colors?

Permanent hair colours permanently change your hair colour and will only be changed if you dye it with another colour. Semi and Demi-permanent hair dyes on the other hand will only last for a few weeks and your hair colour will go back to what it was before dyeing it.

For demi-permanent hair dye, it usually only last up to ten to twenty-five washes, while semi-permanent only lasts six to twelve washes. These factors are very important if you choose the type of dye you are using for your hair. If you are the kind of person who gets easily bored with your hair colour then it is best to go with semi or demi-permanent dyes.

Never Forget To Wear Gloves

Hairdresser Hands wearing gloves

Always protect your hands when doing any kind of treatment as the products contain chemicals that can damage your skin. Aside from the damaging effect of the hair dye chemicals, using gloves during the treatment will protect your hands from being stained from the dye.

Provide Extra Care To Your Dyed Hair Extensions

Just like with your natural hair, hair extensions also needs extra care after the colour treatment. Make sure that you maintain a moisturizing care schedule to ensure that your hair extensions are well-moisturized.

It is normal for the extension to dry up which is why moisturizing it should be at the top of your priority list. Aside from applying a normal conditioner, you can also apply a hair mask to the extension to provide a deeper conditioning effect that an ordinary conditioner can’t provide.

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you still do not know how to start or still doubtful about doing it yourself, it is always best to follow your instinct and seek professional help instead. You can ask for advice or even let the professionals dye your extensions for you.

Avoid Using Hair Blower on Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions can easily get damaged when exposed to excessive heat such as a hair blower. Unless you are using real human hair extensions then do not bother using a hair blower to avoid your extensions getting damaged.

Always Apply The Dye In Downward Direction Only

When you start to apply the dye to the hair extension, make sure to use downward stroke only. Start from the base slowly move down to the end of the hair. Applying the colouring product upward will damage the extension which will result in frizzy and tangled hair strands.

Follow The 2-Shades Rule

To ensure that your hair extension blends well with the colour of your hair and to make it look more natural, it is recommended to dye it 2-shades lighter or darker. If your natural hair colour is unique then you might want to purchase hair extensions with the same colour as your hair. Do not match the extensions to your roots but match it to the colour of your ends instead.

In General

Dyeing your hair extensions is safe as long as you follow the tips to ensure that you will have the outcome that you expected. If you follow the tips and remember the important things mentioned in this article, the risks of colouring your hair extensions will be reduced significantly.