Helpful Guide To Hair Extensions Types

Hair extensions are a great way to get the volume, length, and softness that you want in your hair without having to wait and try to grow your natural hair out. If you want the volume and length that your natural hair is lacking, having hair extensions is a great way to remedy that. There are dozens of different types of hair extension and even more brands that exist. It is helpful to learn a bit about what some of the most popular types of hair extension are so that you can decide what extension is going to work best for you.

Blond Hair Extensions

Non-Bonded Hair Extension

There are tons of different types of hair extension that do not use organic products and therefore may be a bit harder on your hair. These hair extensions use metal beads, loops, and strings to help keep the extension in the hair. One of the most popular type is the micro-bead or loop hair extension. This type uses a loop to loop the extension through the hair then a small metal bead is clamped down to fix the extension to the hair shaft. This is a great way to get extensions quickly and does allow the extension to move freely up and down the hair shaft but can result in breakage and it is also very heavy and maybe be visible on fine hair.

Another common non-bonded hair extension is the weave hair extension. This is a process where a small section of hair is braided or cornrowed in the hair close to the scalp then the new extension is then woven into the corn row. This is a great because it can be sued on all hair types but it can be painful if they are applied too tightly and can damage the hair and may not be good for people that have fine hair. On top it is the least hygienic method as the braid stays on the head till next maintenance which can be as long as 3 months.

Bonded Hair Extensions

Aside from the non-bonded options, there are a few different bonded options that allow the extension to be bonded or glued into the hair. Some of the latest hair extensions techniques are going to be bonded techniques that actually glue the extension to the hair. With this extension you are going to have a piece of hair sandwiched between two pieces of tape of bond. They are easy to apply, easy to maintain, but may make it hard to tie your hair up as they will show and may create bulges. This is a great temporary extension as they only last about 6 to 12 weeks total.

Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are a great example of a bonded hair extensions type. With keratin extensions, the extension is bonded to the hair using a keratin based organic product that adheres the extension to the hair. This is a great way to get super discreet, super low profile extensions that look most like your own hair. This type of extension is also the longest lasting and can give hair a chance to keep growing safely even with the extension in place. When properly applied, they can stay in place for up to max 4 months or until the hair professional removes them or they can be removed easy or refitted using the same hair.

Other Hair Extension Options

There are a few other options when it comes to hair extensions if you do not want a permanent, or even semi-permanent extension. Clip ins are a great option that can be removed at the end of the night when you are done or at the end of the day after you have gone about your day. This is very non-damaging and is one of least damaging hair extensions possible as they do not use glue, do not use any sort of clamp and are fully removable. Another great temporary extension is the invisible string hair extension. This is an invisible loop that is put around the head that has the hair affixed to the back of it. The string can be hidden ad the extension will give nice volume and length without damaging the hair in any way.

These are all great options for hair extensions that all have different benefits and drawbacks. It is important to take the time to do your research and find an extension that works for you and that is going to work best for your hair type and hair needs.

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