How to Use Rosemary Oil To Help With Hair Loss, In Skin Care & More

Caring for skin and hair is not a one step process. There are tons of different creams, shampoos, and supplements that claim to help stop hair loss and help your skin look great. There are also some natural remedies as well that may make a difference when it comes to your hair loss and other skin issues.

Rosemary Oil for the Skin

Rosemary has long been an herb that was used for many things. Essential oils are a fantastic way to nourish both hair and skin and to get them back in wonderful shape without having to use expensive creams and shampoos. Rosemary is antibacterial and has antioxidants as well which makes it optimal for your skin. This oil can help to protect the skin from free radicals and can minimize cell damage as well as helps to disinfect and remove bacteria and other impurities from skin.

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This is a natural oil that you can press yourself or can buy in the form of essential oils to help keep skin hydrated, clear, and clean. Rosemary can also help to improve the elasticity of skin and can help to fight signs of aging. It also has the ability to help fade age spots. It is also rich in iron, calcium and various phytonutrients that can help to protect the skin and help to keep sun damage to a minimum. This is a great oil for those that have acne prone skin and that want something that can disinfect without drying out the skin or damaging it overly.

You can also use rosemary as a natural facial astringent to help reduce the size of pores and the look of acne. This is a great natural way to keep your face clean without having to use a ton of chemicals and other elements that may ultimately leave your skin in worse shape.

Rosemary Oil for the Hair and Scalp

Another great benefit of this fantastic oil is that it helps to keep the scalp hydrated and moisturized. It has also been known to reverse the effects of premature graying. Rosemary is known as a natural skin darkener and as such, it can help to darken grey hairs that pop up as a side effect of premature graying. Rosemary oil also helps to detangle hair and restore moisture and shine as well by sealing the hair cuticle and making hair supple and shiny.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. You may have a great head of hair, but with an unhealthy scalp you can still battle things like hair loss, thinning hair, scratchy and itchy scalp, and even hair that is brittle and dry. Rosemary oil is a great natural remedy that can help to fight the effects of an unhealthy scalp. Rosemary oil can restore moisture to the scalp which makes it easier for healthy hair to grow and helps to reduce the chances that hair is going to break or fall out.


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Natural Hair Mask

A great use for rosemary oil is to combine it with other essential oils to make a moisturizing and nourishing hair mask. You can add equal parts lavender and rosemary oil mixed with two parts castor oil to help detangle and nourish hair. This is also going to darken grey hairs and help to encourage a healthy and moisturized scalp as well as detangle hair that has become knotted and unsightly. These oils work to help close the hair cuticle and make the hair soft and shiny.

You can also spread a little rosemary oil into the scalp help make your hair smell great, feel great, and to help get rid of flakes and itchy spots that may be contributing to your losing hair. Rosemary is a fantastic herb that has the ability to change your hair and your skin as well. Using this type of natural remedy is going to help get your hair and skin in great shape without your having to buy tons of expensive hair and skin products. This is a natural approach that promotes great hair and skin so that you can feel better about yourself and have skin and hair that you can be proud of and show off.

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