Decisions of the Modern Woman: Important Factors to Consider in Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

So many factors influence a woman’s hairstyle choice. Does the hairstyle make her look glamorous or sexy? Is it professional or casual? Will men find her more alluring? Is she wearing a trendy style? More often than not, a hairstyle is chosen for the wrong reasons, leading to instant dissatisfaction of your hairstyle choices. If her hairstyle is not befitting, she is somewhat mentally distressed, giving her a poor self-image which does not make for a happy lady. Well, recognizing the popular hairstyles and trends is one but not the single most important factor in choosing a hairstyle that is right for you. So how do you avoid making costly hairstyle mistakes?

This article present some of the most significant factors you need to consider when it’s time to pick among the many popular hairstyles today:

The Year of the Bob

Wavy Bob Haircut

Many women have chosen to chop off their tresses and relive the early twenties by choosing easy to manage hairstyles like the classic bob hairstyle. A significant amount of popular female celebrities are making simple hairstyle choices and are wearing the bob now. If you take a look around a room, you will probably discover that more than half of the women are wearing a bob. The best thing about natural hairstyles like the bob is that it can suit women of many age groups and races. A bob is also very versatile and easy to care for.

There are many types of bobs to choose from. Depending on your facial shape, you may opt to wear a bob with bangs, asymmetrical bob, Chinese bob, layered bob, curly bob…just to name a few. You can even turn medium hairstyles and long hairstyles into bobs now! Many women opt for the one length bob because of its simplicity and ease of care. The bob is generally very sophisticated looking. It has been considered a traditional yet trendy hairstyle.

However, it is crucial to examine all sides to avoid making major hairstyle mistakes when choosing to get a bob. Are you truly ready to commit to a shorter look? Are bangs flattering to your facial shape? Is a shorter bob or shoulder length bob more suitable for you? Consult a stylist to determine the best bob for you. Besides, you can always get great hair extensions today if you don’t like how your bob haircut turned out. 

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The Long Layered Look

Currently, long hairstyles that are in layered and textured styles are the way to go when have long hair and want to keep it. One length all over is not all that trendy. You may want a side bang to enhance long layers. Layers are very defining, especially if your hair is long and thin. You can also choose to layer the front only and wear the back one length. A long layered hairstyle is somehow not easy to maintain. You need to keep them trimmed often in order to keep the look up. When considering a long layered hairstyle, determine if you want a curly look or just a choppy straight edge look. Either way, your facial shape needs to be considered first as to not make crucial hairstyle mistakes.

Natural Hairstyles

The natural hairstyles craze is hot for women of color right now. The natural look has an endless amount of possibilities. You are not very limited in terms of styles as many people would suggest. You can straighten using flatirons when the desire arises. For the most part, women who wear their hair natural can choose from dreads, locks, waves, etc. A natural look is so unique and empowering. The only drawback here is for women with relaxers having to let the ends grow out or go with the “the big chop.” Maintenance is also critical for both natural medium hairstyles and layered and textured styles. Invest in some good products that enhance natural hair and develop a good hair regimen and avoid hairstyle mistakes.

Short (Hair) Cuts

2019 has opened the door to cute and sexy short looks. Most short haircuts right now are edgy and chic. Short cuts are charming and sassy but the thing to remember here is the upkeep is demanding. Most cuts require lots of attention and are high maintenance. If you are not one who gives a lot of notice to your style then a short cut is definitely not for you. When getting your hair cut in a trendy style, be sure to get it cut into layers. It adds definition to the cut as well as a flirty appeal. Use moose to spike your ends to add that flare that most celebrities sport. Choose a stylist that has a reputation for cutting your hair as opposed to just styling.

Short Hairstyle

Whatever hairstyle you choose, be wise in making your choice. Consider all the important factors before committing to a look. Remember to be bold and adventurous and willing to make a statement with your hair!