Hair Colour Tricks: Dyeing Your Hair Like A Pro At Home

Dying your hair at home can be a difficult thing to do, it can also cost less and take a little less time. That being said, it can also be quite scary. With the right tips, however, you can prevent an at home colour catastrophe and get a great overall colour.

Buy Enough Dye

If you have longer hair or if you have very thick hair, odds are you are going to need more than one box of dye. It is always better to buy more than one box of dye and have extra than it is to run out. Get two boxes just to be safe.

Keep Your Skin Safe

If you are dying your hair on your own, you may want to apply some sort of protectant to the skin around your forehead and neck. This is going to help keep your skin from getting dyed. Apply petroleum or other protectants around your hairline and on your ears and neck to prevent splatters.

Do Not Mix Shades

Though you might imagine that you can add two colours together to get a custom shade, you cannot. It is always best to stick with one shade and to make sure your hair is going to be the shade you want.

hair in three different color

Dye Test

You should always do a strand test to make sure your hair responds well to the colour you have chosen. This will also give you an idea what the finished product might look like.

Protect Clothes and Floor

You also want to make sure you are protecting your clothes. Wear an old shirt or robe that you do not care about when colouring your hair at home. Putting plastic bags on the floor is also a great way to protect the floor while dying your hair.

Gloves are a Must

You need the gloves to help colour your hair and to work during the rinse process, get some extra gloves to help make sure your hands are protected through the entire process.

Hair Colour Brushes

These are tools that do a great deal more for your hair colour process than you might think. A hair colour brush is a great way to spread the dye around and to help make sure your hair is coated evenly.

Lay out Your Items

You should also work to lay out what you are going to need before you start to work. This is going to eliminate the frantic search for your hairbrush when you need it.

Dye From the Top Down

Your roots are going to require the most work and time to process overall. You should start dying your hair from the top down to ensure your hair has enough time to process evenly for an all over colour that looks great and that is even.

hair coloring

Two Mirrors

You can use two mirrors to be able to see the back of the hair when you are drying it. This is going to help you to see all parts of your head so you can be sure your hair is covered and that it is going to be fully dyed.

Highlight with a Toothbrush

This is a great hack for natural looking highlights. This is going to give you natural looking colour and highlights and is going to make your hair look great.

Shower Cap While You Wait

Another great tip is to use a shower cap while you are waiting for your hair to process. This is going to help keep you from getting dye all over your house while you wait for it to process.

Do Not Shampoo Right After Dyeing

When you dye your hair, you should wait for a day or so before you start to shampoo again. Shampooing immediately is going to result in your hair losing its colour quickly and in your dye job fading.

Colour Boosting Products

You can use colour boosting products like shampoos, conditioners, and rinses to keep your colour vibrant and looking great. This will help to elongate the life of your colour and keep it looking great.

Colouring your hair at home is a great way to save money, time and to really have a great time if you have the right tips and tricks to do it yourself.

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