Blow Dry Hair: Our Tips and Recommendations

Blow drying hair has been around for ages and is great for a number of different things from helping you get ready to get out the door faster, to helping to set and style hair. There are a variety of different methods for blow drying hair that correspond to the different hair types that are prevalent. Knowing what blow dry style is going to work best for you is going to help to ensure you get the best results time and time again.

Blow Dry Tips for Straight Hair

Odds are if you have straight hair that is naturally straight, you want to keep as much volume and body as possible. Nozzles work to smooth and flatten the hair, something you may want if you have frizzy hair. If you have hair that is naturally very straight and very smooth, you want to remove the nozzle when drying to help give extra body and volume to your hair. Using a heat protectant is a great way to make sure that all this added movement and body is not going to make your hair frizzy or damaged.

Blow Dry Tips for Curly Hair

Blow Dry Tips for Curly Hair

If your hair is curly, either naturally or treated, you are going to want to make sure that you keep as much moisture as possible to help make sure the curls remain defined and nourished. Before you even think about blow drying your curly hair, you should look for a good weightless hydrator to apply to your hair while in the shower. This is going to help give your hair added moisture and is going to protect it from blow drying. You also might want to try weightless oil like argon oil or heat protectant that is going to work to protect the hair while you dry it. When blow drying curls you want to twist individual curls and dry them separately to help keep the curl defined and bouncy. You can even pin up sections of hair and work in smaller sections to help make sure that curls do not get tangled.

Blow Dry Tips for Frizzy Hair

If your hair is dry and frizzy the main thing you want to remember is that a blow dryer is going to strip your hair of moisture. It is important to find a good moisturizing mask that can help to keep your hair hydrated and that can help to close the hair cuticle. You also want to use the nozzle or ionizer that comes with your dryer to add even more smoothness. You should start in the front then move away from the face to give the most shine and the best overall result.

Blow Dry Tips for Short Hair

For hair that is short you want to avoid blow drying when you can but to keep your hair cut in mind while you are using a dryer if you decide you need one. With short hair styles it is easy to blow dry your hair so that the style is lost. You should work the way the hair naturally grows and then use a wax or other styling product to help keep the style.

Blow Dry Tips for Long Hair

Long hair requires a lot more effort and time when it comes to drying with a dryer. You should angle the dryer down the hair shaft to help keep the hair smooth and to keep the cuticle closed. You also want to make sure you use an intensive treatment to improve the condition of your hair every month.

Blow Dry Tips for Thick Hair

For thicker hair you want to make sure you use a serum or a heat protectant and to make sure you are not blow drying your hair when it is fully wet. You should look to dry your hair when it is damp rather than when it is very wet. With thick hair you want it to dry for a bit on its own before you start to blow dry it and potentially expose it to too much heat.

Blow Dry Tips for Fine or Thinning Hair

With thinning hair you want to try to avoid pulling or damaging as much as possible. This means not touching your hair while you dry it and perhaps using a thickening spray or texturizing spray to give your hair body without damaging it. You want to make sure you are gentle when styling and maybe even use the low heat setting on your dryer.

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