Hair Quality


Natural Looking


Our extensions are created to look and feel like a womana��s own hair. The raw material for our products is 100% natural, which means that the donors have never processed it before.






The weight on the strands is spread differently to any other hair type, so even though the bonds are of a generous 1g weight, there is no pressure on the roots.




Fast, Easy & Painless


The installation process takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to complete, while the removal process takes only an hour. There is no pain, and no damage is caused to the clienta��s own natural hair or the extensions.






All our extensions can be reused up to 4 times, granted that the recommended aftercare is followed. Long-Lasting – With the correct maintenance the same extensions can last up to one year






Due to retaining the virgin structure of the hair, our extensions do not matt, frizz or knot, but remain soft, lovely and tangle-free for many months.




Low Maintenance


The bonds are extremely durable and will remain strong and hard for a full 3 to 4 months.When fitted, our extensions are light and wona��t result in headaches.




Ethically Sourced


The raw material for our extensions is collected from willing donors and we pay the correct market price for all the hair we purchase.






Our hair will not shed, and any loss is usually minimal, with an average of three toA�A� five strands slipping or falling over the course of 3 months.