Wonderful Extensions uses 100% Remy Human Hair, both double drawn and virgin drawn. Our hair is sourced and supplied by TheSignature Virgin Hair Extensions. Hair is of the highest, purest quality, ethically sourced, Italian keratin mini tips and bonds are 1g.

Wonderful Extensions uses 100% Remy Human Hair, both double drawn and virgin drawn. Our hair is sourced and supplied by TheSignature Virgin Hair Extensions. Hair is of the highest, purest quality, ethically sourced, Italian keratin mini tips and bonds are 1g.

Hair is double drawn. This is a laborious manual process the hair goes through to remove all the unwanted short hair. This process is performed twice, hence the term “double drawn” term, which ensures that the volume and thickness of each hair extensions strand is consistent throughout all its length. Hair is virgin drawn. This means that hair has been collected from one ponytail. Therefore, it preserves natural layering, feels weightless and has incredible bounce. Your extensions will have natural movement and no one will be able to tell you wear them due to the perfect blend.

Our hair extensions are ‘Remy hair’. In the context of hair extensions this means that the “root” of the hair shafts are in a bundle, all at the same end. This means that the cuticle all faces the same direction, which stops human hair on your head from tangling with Remy hair.

All hair extensions carry a potential risk of damage. However, if applied and cared for properly there is no risk. Some methods are more damaging than others. To determine which method will be least damaging to your hair type, please contact us. Correct application is also vital to prevent hair breakage.

Regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily, wearing your hair in a braid to bed and when swimming and exercising will help maintain your extensions. As your hair grows the extensions will naturally grow out with your hair. Proper treatment, such as using our recommended hair products will extend the life of your hair extensions. It is not possible to state an exact time frame as each person has different results but average refitting has to be done every 3 to 4 months. Life of the hair itself depends on the hair type chosen. The average time for Euroasian extensions is 3-6 months. European hair can last 8 to 9 months. Some of our clients with Russian hair have used the same hair for 18 months.

Generally, there is no pain involved with getting hair extensions. For the first night you will feel uncomfortable but after a few nights you will not feel them at all. Keratin is also non-allergenic so there will be no redness, itching or scabbing. Micro rings will cause reactions if the client is allergic to metal.

Hair extensions will not affect your lifestyle at all. With a little care, you can wear your hair up or down, go swimming, exercise and do most other things you would normally do without ever damaging the hair extensions. Having said that please remember extensions are human hair and just like your natural hair they are vulnerable to outside conditions. Please remember sun and salty water can dry them, as can over bleaching. If not brushed regularly it will tangle.

You need a pair of pliers which are spring and ribbed, a fine comb and a hair clip.

1. Separate a bond, secure it with hair clip.
2. With pair of pliers, such as ribbed ones from B&Q, you crush the bond 4-5 times on all lengths of it.
3. Squeeze the bond to check if it’s loose and/or soft
4. With one hand holding the roots of your hair, pull on the very end of the extension. It should slide easily. If it doesn’t repeat point 2.
5. With the comb or your finger brush the residue of keratin and untangle hair

You will notice shedding of your hair during removal. This is normal and even though the amount of hair seems excessive it is hair accumulated over 4 months. Shedding should ease in 2 days and hair will fluff up and return to its usual volume within 1-2 weeks.

Application takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on the amount of hair fitted. Refitting may take between 2 to 5 hours.

Extensions are applied through a brickwork pattern which means some hair is always extensions free. On refitting or new set application we fit extensions to previously extensions free hair allowing the other ones to rest. Thanks to this method it is safe to use extensions without any breaks.

We accept most major cards, as well as, bank transfer, Paypal and cash

To prepare your hair to have extensions installed you should freshly wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo and no conditioner. Hair has to be fully dried and straightened. If you colour your hair we recommend doing it 2-3 weeks before fitting or after fitting takes place. This is due to the possibility of freshly coloured hair shedding some colour, which will result in incorrect colour match.

It is normal to lose some hair extensions. This is due to natural shedding. We expect for up to 15 strands to fall out within a 3 months period. They will be falling out with growing rate. i.e. first month it would be 0 to 3, second month 3 to 7 and third month 7 to 15. After 3 months, the bonds will be falling out much faster.

Consultations are mainly for colour match so the technician can order a correct shade. Since we hold all colours in stock we found that consultations are generally not necessary for clients. However, if you require one and wish to speak to us before we will be happy to arrange it.