Tips and Advice for Thin and Thick Hair

Hair is something that is incredibly individual in both texture and style. Taking the time to find out how best to style the type of hair that you have is going to save you time, effort, and hassle. There are tons of different hair types out there but taking a look at some of the most basic is the best way to start this type of analysis.

What is the Difference Between Thin and Thick Hair?

There are some notable differences in thin and thick hair, the first is the actual hair shaft itself. You can have hair shafts that are thicker and less fine which makes the hair look and feel fuller. You may also note that for some, the actual number of hair follicles differs as well. For those that have thin hair, the main issue is that the shaft itself is thin and fine and therefore can appear lank and lifeless. For those that have thin hair shafts but have a lot of hair, it is better to say that you have dense hair than thick hair.

Thin Hair Problems

For those that have thin hair there are some common issues you may face. With thinner hair, it is often difficult to retain a style, this means you can put up a pony tail but it is nearly impossible to get the holder tight enough that you do not have to redo your hair. Another issue you may run into is using conditioner in the shower and out of the shower treatments may make your hair feel greasy and heavy. Still another problem is that thin hair often seems to grow slowly as the shaft is more fragile and may break off easier.

Thick Hair Problems

Some problems you may run into with thick hair is that you have to take far more time to dry your hair. Thicker hair shafts take more time to dry and can lead to epic blow dry sessions. If you want to dye your hair, odds are you are going to need more than one bottle of dye. Still another issue is that many barrettes and clips are not made for thick hair and may break or fall out of your hair. Lastly, thicker hair is more noticeable when it sheds, so you may notice that you leave hair everywhere.

Thin Hair Advice and Thick Hair Advice

Woman with Beautiful Long Hair

If you have thin hair, texturizing sprays before blow drying can add tons of volume and can help your hair to maintain style. Similarly, when you blow dry your hair, try blow drying upside down to give extra body and lift right at the root. You can also use dry shampoo both when your hair is clean and when it is dirty to give body and volume. Lastly, shorter hair is going to make your hair seem lighter and like it has more lift.

For thicker hair, you should try to cut your hair in long layers to help thin it out and to give it shape. You can also use longer hair styles to help reduce the overall look of volume close to your head, around the scalp. You can also buy hair clips and ties that are designed especially for thicker hair.

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