The Benefits of Using Organic Hair Care Products

Organic products nowadays have become very popular. From organic food to organic beauty products and now organic hair products. There is a valid reason why organic products have become increasingly famous today and one of these is the benefits that they can provide to the consumer.

Before we go through each of the benefits of organic hair products, let us first understand what organic products are.

What is Organic Product?

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When you say organic product, these products are made from natural ingredients and materials and no added chemicals. Most chemicals are harmful to our body, so many people wanted to stay away from these ingredients as much as possible.

A personal care product can only be considered organic if they meet the organic product standard set by the USDA. Once they are approved by the USDA, a particular product can fall from any of the four categories which are:

  • 100 percent organic
  • organic
  • made with organic ingredients
  • made with less than 70% organic ingredients

All of these categories have different meanings which are why as a consumer you must understand the difference between the four and choose a product that suits your needs best. Additionally, organic products can be expensive compared to non-organic counterparts.

This kind of product might have less to no harmful chemicals added thus it comes with a higher cost to the consumers. If you wanted to opt for natural hair products, you should understand that it can have added cost and be willing to pay extra for a healthier option.

Despite the higher price tag, many people are still patronizing natural products because of the benefits they are getting. You too can enjoy these benefits if you choose to go organic not only from the food you eat or the clothes that you wear but also with your personal care products.

When buying an organic product, it is best to choose the ones with the USDA organic label. For instance, if you are buying a shampoo that claims to be 100% organic, you must still check if there is a USDA organic seal on the product’s label.

If you do not see any seal from the USDA, the claim of the product might not be true and you will never get the right value for your money. The USDA will provide an organic seal to products that contain 95% organic ingredients and the remaining 5% should be an allowed ingredient. Additionally, if the product has agricultural ingredients, it should be organic and nothing else.

The requirements of the USDA for organic products including hair cares are strict which is why you can be sure that what you are applying to your hair will not damage it. Instead, it will make it healthier and more beautiful looking.

The Benefits of Natural Hair Products

Now that you understand what organic means, it is now time to introduce the benefits of organic hair products that you can acquire.

Safer For You

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Organic products you use for your hair are safer for you because of the less utilization of harmful chemicals. Using chemical-based hair products such as shampoo and conditioner can be harmful to you especially if you are suffering from sensitive skin.

Chemicals used in personal care items can be a recipe for allergic reactions and skin irritations which is why it is best to go for organic options if you know that you are prone to this type of reaction. Additionally, organic hair items can be the best choice for pregnant women to ensure both their safety as well as the baby.

Products that are made with organic ingredients are the safest hair products that you can use. If you are worried about all the chemicals you have been exposed to, it is now the best time to switch to an all-natural hair product.

Good For Hair Health

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Chemicals in the products that we apply to our hair can damage it in the long run. As you noticed, most hair products in the market contain parabens, alcohol, sulfates, and silicones that are commonly be found on shampoos or conditioners.

Both of the mentioned products are what we commonly use every day and being exposed to these chemicals daily is not good for your hair health. You can hear a lot of hair experts that advised you to stay away from products that have those chemicals mentioned as it is not good for your hair at all.

Moreover, for women who are wearing bio bonds hair extensions, especially to our clients, we recommend using hair styling products or daily hair care products that do not contain the said chemicals. Those chemicals will not only damage your natural hair but as well as your hair extensions.

On the other hand, if you are going to use all-natural and organic hair products, you will be ensured that your hair will be healthy and fully nourished. Thanks to the plant-based and natural ingredients that most organic hair products consist of.

Give You The Value For Your Money

As Mentioned, organic options are way more expensive compared to the available mainstream products. However, what you can be sure of is that you will get the value for your money. Even if it may cost you extra bucks, you will surely be happy with the results.

If you will think about it, you will even save a lot of money over time as you will not need to visit the salon to achieve healthy-looking hair as the organic products you use for your hair at home will give you just that.

No more constant and hassle trips to the salon waiting for hours just to have beautiful hair. Instead, just do your usual hair care routine every day and achieve the same result. Once you have started to use organic items for your hair, you will never go back to your usual products as you will love the result it gives you.

Good For the Environment

Aside from the benefits, an organic hair product can give you as a consumer, it can also have a good impact on our environment. You may not figure this out but every time you wash your hair, all the products that you used that consist of harmful chemicals go down to your drain.

Those chemicals that hair products consist of do not only stay on your head but can also go out to the environment. What you may not know is that these chemicals that get mixed with the environment will harm our planet over time.

Because organic products are made with natural plant-based ingredients, you will not be worried about the environment if the products get flushed down to the drain or if you dispose of them. The materials used in creating these products came from the environment which is why when it comes back to the environment it won’t be harmful to the planet.

Many environmentalists have chosen to go organic in all of the products they used from the food they eat up to the personal care they use. This is because they know how huge the impact will be if we use organic items instead of their chemical-based counterpart.

Best for Overall Health

Did you know that your skin, including your scalp, absorbs about 60% of what you are putting on it? If you are using your chemical-based shampoos and conditioners every day, imagine how much chemicals will be absorbed by your body daily.

Even though the issue of whether these harmful chemicals will enter your body or not is still a debate, it is still best that you will do something to prevent any possible chemical intake that will be dangerous to your health.

Preventions are still better than cure, which is why if you will be given a chance to use organic products, then grab them with no hesitations. If you care for your health, it is recommended to opt for a product that you know will be safe for your overall health.

What To Look For In An Organic Hair Product?

When purchasing an organic hair product, there are key ingredients that you might want to look for. These ingredients are the ones that will give your hair the best nutrients it needs to be healthy and to look good.

Shea Butter

Cream Shea Butter

Because shea butter is high in fatty acids, it can provide a good amount of oil on your hair’s surface. This layer of oil will help reduce the amount of moisture loss on your hair which makes it look shiny and healthy.

If you have curly hair, using a hair product that has shea butter will help your curls look more prominent and soft. This ingredient is also good for individuals with coarse hair texture to make it soft and smooth.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Another emollient ingredient that is good in sealing moisture on your hair is coconut oil. Most natural hair products contain coconut oil as it is the most popular natural ingredient widely used in hair care products.

If you will use a hair product with coconut oil, you will experience shinier and stronger hair. This ingredient is as well best to use as a leave-in conditioner if you want to have thicker and textured hair. Natural hair oils do not easily slide down to the curls of your hair so you will need the help of coconut oil to provide an ample amount of oil to moisturize your natural curls.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective ingredient that helps promote hair growth and stop hair loss as well as treat any scalp problems you are experiencing. If you are having excessive hair loss, it is best to choose hair products that contain aloe vera.

Hair products with aloe vera are also recommended for individuals who are experiencing itchy scalp. If you have been bothered by an itchy scalp for a long time, you must stop using chemical-based shampoos or conditioners as it can cause dryness to your scalp thus results in itching.

Change your products right away and opt for an all-natural hair care product to improve your scalp’s condition.

Vegetable Glycerin

For vegans, hair products with vegetable glycerin can be the best choice. This ingredient performs as a humectant where they attract and binds water to provide and keep the moisture of your hair. Vegetable glycerin also coats the hair strands with oil to make them look moisturized and shiny.

This ingredient is also considered gluten-free, kosher, and even cruelty-free. This is the alternative ingredients used by many hair products manufacturer instead of the usual glycerin ingredients that come from animal fats and is the most common ingredients found in soaps, hair products, and make-up.

Jojoba Extract

If you want to improve your damaged ends by using organic products, it is best to go for items that have jojoba extract. Jojoba is an oil that is similar to your natural hair oil which is why it can be a huge help in balancing your natural oil production.

A product with jojoba oil will help in aiding excessively oily hair caused by overproducing glands. What is best about jojoba is that it is a non-greasy ingredient that will make your hair shiny and healthy. If you do not want to put greasy products on your hair, you can opt for products that contain jojoba extract and you are good to go.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO or extra virgin olive oil is not only good in cooking healthy dishes but it is also best for your hair. What you must understand is extra virgin olive oil is different from regular olive oil. Extra virgin means that the olive oil does not undergo chemical treatment and no machines involved.

EVOO alone can be used as a deep conditioner for your hair or a pre-shampoo product. You will notice an instant improvement in your hair after you wash your hair with a product containing extra virgin olive oil.

If you have been struggling with frizzy hair, hair care products with olive oil can help you manage it. Frizzy hair is a result of dry and brittle hair. Olive oil is known as a natural moisturizer that can help you tame your hair and makes it smooth down to your ends.

Avocado oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado is not only yummy to your tummy but is also a superfood for your hair. This fruit is packed with vitamins such as A, D, E, and potassium more than a banana has. These vitamins and minerals in avocado can be easily absorbed by your scalp making it healthier.

In return, you will also have healthy growing hair as your scalp will provide the nutrients that your hair needs without the help of any salon treatments. This means that your hair will not be exposed to chemical treatments thus making it healthier in a natural way.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an organic ingredient that has natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can greatly help soothe a dry scalp. A tea tree oil is very concentrated which means that even a small amount is enough in providing the best result.

However, you must ensure that you will choose the hair product with the right amount of tea tree oil as too much application can irritate your scalp and skin. There are so many products that claim to have tea tree oil as their main ingredients, but you must make sure that what they are claiming is true before buying it.

Remember, to look for the USDA organic seal on the product that you are buying. This way you can be sure that you are indeed paying for the right product.

All in All

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Organic hair care product is the best option for everyone no matter what hair type you are. Because it is all-natural ingredients, you will not have to worry about your hair getting damaged by chemicals. You will notice that your hair will look and feel healthier and smoother if you continue using the right organic hair product that is best for you.