Prom Night Cramming Solutions 101: All About your Crowning Glory

you’ve picked out the perfect dress, the best pair of heels, and some stunning jewellery to match, but how do you envision your hairstyle? Will you add long hair extensions to your usually short hair? Will you have one of those glamorous updo hairstyles? Have you got plans to add sexy blonde highlights to your lovely locks? Aside from thinking about nice formal hairdos to match your gowns, dresses, and makeup, considering whether to go DIY or to trust the pros for your prom hairstyle is one of the major decisions you have to make. Prom may be just a glamorous one-night affair, but the preparation for this event may take days or even weeks! This is reasonable considering it’s the time on your teenage girl’s life to showcase your love for dressing up and bonding with your BFF’s!

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Read on to see the perks of these two options:

Trusting the Hair Pros

Each girl is unique; the same motto applies when it comes to hairdressing. The important thing to remember is that a certain style that looks stunning on one person will not necessarily work on someone else. Listed below are some advice to help you avoid that all-too-familiar hair salon catastrophe:

Don’t Copy Looks that May Not Work on your Facial Features

Don’t just barge in the hair salon armed with trending long haircuts 2019 printouts of movie stars! Although there is nothing wrong with copying their looks, it’s not the best way to go about it. Always consider things like your face shape, your gown style, and what hairdos will best fit your overall silhouette.

Have an Open Communication with your Hairdresser

Going to a professional means that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake – they have done similar hairstyles many times before. Make sure the stylist knows exactly what you want, otherwise you may end up with something you hate. If you’re really eager to copy a certain style, you can talk to your hairdresser on how to incorporate your dream hairstyle ideas into your exclusive prom look. It is best to take in a picture from a magazine or even a website that shows the look you are going for.

Look Into Other Possible Hair Innovations

The thing with trusting hair pros is that they always got your back with whatever hair emergency you may have. If you have a bad hair day, hair extensions are there to save you! If you live in London, there are lots of places where you can get hair extensions today. But, as what you might have already heard from hair horror stories online, hair extensions, when done wrong, can be a nightmare. Therefore, only give your trust to those hair salons who know their stuff.

For example, Wonderful Extensions, an exclusive hair extensions salon in London, has over 14 years’ experience and gives VIP one-on-one appointment treatment to their clients. With our famous real human hair extensions and Russian hair extensions, any girl would just let their hair down and trust us for making them look and feel special on their big day, such as their Prom Night. 

Advanced Booking is King for the Queen

On your prom day, make sure you get to your hair stylist appointment several days earlier. Your stylist will have a lot of appointments to do that day, and if you are late they may not be able to fit you in to do your hair!

Going DIY

Here are some more advice on easy hairstyles to do at home for your prom night:

Search for Hairdo Tutorials Online

You can also achieve your dream prom hairdo by going to Google and/or Youtube and searching for pictures and tutorials on the different types of haircuts for long hair and other easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home for your prom night.

Think About Hair Accessories that You Could Add to your New Style

A pony, comb, clip, tiara, headband, or barrette could add a beautiful finishing touch.

Know How to Keep your Hair in Place

Make sure that if you are an active dancer you have enough pins in your hair to keep it in place! There is nothing worse than having your hairstyle ruined for the evening just from dancing.

Whatever prom hair ideas you have in mind, how to achieve it is the first thing you have to think about. For your prom hairstyles, you have two options – do it yourself, or go to a professional. Never overlook your hairdo when it comes to special events like your Prom Night. After all, your outfit is never complete without your beautiful smile and crowning glory – your gorgeous hairstyle!

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