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Your hair shows its age and wear and tear easier than many other parts of your body. Daily styling and frequent washing tends to dry hair out and make it brittle and frizzy. Using hair dye can also damage your hair. Hair masks are a great way to restore hair’s health and to help make it look great and feel great as well. Overnight masks are a great way to restore shine, body, and moisture, making your hair silky smooth and divinely soft.

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Inexpensive Sleeping Masks

There are tons of great masks out there from a range of different retailers. Knowing which mask is best for you can help you to choose the sleeping mask that is going to work miracles for your hair. Sephora has a wonderful sleeping mask that comes in four different varieties. They offer a coconut mask to nourish, a shea mask to fortify, a rose mask to smooth, and an acai mask to help boost and protect color. Pantene also has a great overnight mask that is very inexpensive. Their overnight Miracle Repair Serum helps to fight damage overnight and does not leave a residue on your pillow when you are done. Another great inexpensive option is the Tony Moly Haeyo Zayo sleep pack that helps to restore moisture and repair damage as well as promote growth and helps to make hair silky soft.

Mid-Priced Sleeping Masks

If you are looking for something a bit more high-brow or perhaps, a product made with even better ingredients, Alterna Caviar makes a fantastic overnight mask that is going to help nourish and fight split ends, mend breakage and give you stronger hair, the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue is a great option. The Living proof Night Cap is another great overnight product that is going to give you silky smooth hair and restores shine for up to a week. This product can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for those that are looking for some serious shine and softness.

High End Sleeping Masks

Another great product that does cost a bit more is the Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Masque. This masque is made with great ingredients and helps to nourish hair with camellia oil, evening primrose, fatty acids and more. This masque is going to restore moisture and shine and is going to help make your hair soft and supple. It can also help to fortify hair and protect it from future damage from styling and washing.

Home Made Masks

If you do not want to buy a sleeping mask or prefer natural ingredients, there are also alternatives you can use. There are tons of great ingredients you can add to your sleeping mask at home that can help make your hair super soft and shiny. You can use coconut milk to help nourish and add moisture to hair. Add half a cup of coconut milk to one cup of distilled water along with a few drops of vitamin e oil. You then mix well and saturate hair with the mixture. You can then put your hair in a braid or a bun or a cap and let it sit overnight. You can also use milk and honey to help make your hair stronger and shinier. Add raw milk and organic honey and apply it to your scalp and hair, leave overnight for a beautiful result.

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If those are not your cup of tea, you can also use castor oil and rosemary oil, both of which are said to help promote hair growth and are going to help make your hair stronger and softer overall. Add a cup of castor oil into a bottle and add a teaspoon of rosemary oil to the mixture. You can also add actual rosemary leaves. You then add it to the hair and leave it overnight. These are all great masks, both those you make yourself and those you buy, that can help to improve the overall health and look of hair. Your hair shows age and damage quickly, with the right nourishing masks you can get your hair back to looking great and feeling great as well and all you have to do is go to sleep.

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