Myths You Should Stop Believing & How To Repair Your Damaged Hair

Your hair is a delicate thing that can become dry and damaged if you are not taking proper care of it. Since we do things to our hair nearly every day by way of styling, exposing it to the sun and the elements, and more, it is important to keep your hair healthy. We have all heard a few myths about the health of our hair, and taking the time to debunk a few may make caring for your hair easier.

Any Shampoo and Conditioner Will Work

This is the first thing that many people suppose. Though any shampoo and conditioner will clean your hair, it is always best to find one that is specific to your hair type. If you have dry hair, look for moisturizing cleansers, if you have curly hair look for formulas that help to keep curls intact, and more. You should be using a deep conditioner about once a week and if you have color treated hair you should be using color safe products.

Hair Dryers are A Big No No

This is also a myth. You can use your hair dryer, it is an easy way to get your hair dry and to get it styled without having to use extra products or materials. You just need to make sure you are protecting your hair. Using things like heat protectant when drying can help to minimize damage and protect hair.

hair blow drying

No More Hot Styling Tools

This is again a myth. You can use hot styling tools like your curling iron, your flat irons and more, you just need to properly protect your hair prior to using them. Using a good conditioner in the shower before you style and using a heat protectant when you are getting ready to style your hair can help to make sure your hair is not going to break off or become dry or heat damaged.

Hair Dye is Bad

This myth is one that is perpetuated often. The key is to find a stylist that can take care of your hair when you are coloring it. Also, high-quality dyes are going to be better for hair than cheap drug store items. You should make sure that you avoid over processing the dry ends of your hair and that you are taking care to make sure your hair is managed by someone that knows what they are doing.

Tight Hair Styles are Damaging

This is not true at all. You can wear tight hair styles that are up dos if you take care in what you use. You can use ties that are metal free, you can help to strengthen your hair with serums and masques, and can wear your hair down when at home or sleeping. Tight hair styles are most damaging to hair that is already thin or brittle, if you have thick hair or hair that is in good shape, you should not have to worry about your hair and wearing tight styles.

Damaged Hair Must Go

This is another myth that many people prescribe to, if your hair is damaged, you have to chop it off and start anew. If you have hair that is damaged, you do not have to chop it all off. You can keep length by trimming especially damaged ends and can even just trim the split ends. You can also work to help repair the hair that you have so that it becomes healthy again.

Trimming Your Hair Makes it Grow Faster

This is a myth that many people go by. Though your hair is not going to grow longer if you trim it, you may not notice things like shedding or split ends. Everyone has hair that grows at different speeds and haircuts make little to no difference.

Hair is the Only Thing to Worry About with Damaged Hair

You can take things like vitamins to help strengthen hair, you can eat better, you can do a whole range of things that are not necessarily focused on your hair to help make it stronger. Eating more fats can help to make your hair stronger and shinier. You can also take vitamins with biotin, collagen and keratin to help strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Taking care of your hair does not have to be a chore. 

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