Extend the Life Of your Hair Extension By Following Simple Tips

Purchasing a new hair extension can be pricey which is why it is best to take good care of your existing hair extensions to ensure that you can still use them in the future. You will save a lot of money as you do not have to purchase new extensions for a long time. What you will only need to pay is the cost of the refitting of the hair extensions alone.

Hair extensions come in both permanent and non-permanent variations. Both have the same purpose, to provide longer and fuller hair so that the wearer will look good even more. No matter which type of extensions you have, taking good care of them is vital to ensure that they will last longer.

What is Permanent and Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

Before we go through some tips on how to properly take care of your extensions, we must first discuss what is permanent and non-permanent hair extensions?

Permanent Hair Extensions

Hairdresser Does Hair Extensions to a young girl

If you wanted the extensions to stay longer, then permanent hair extensions are the ones you must opt for. This type of extension is best installed and removed by professionals to ensure that your hair won’t get damaged and to achieve the best result.

As your natural hair grows, the permanent hair extensions will grow along with it which is why it can be left in your hair for a longer period and nobody will even notice you are wearing them.

The examples of permanent hair extensions are:

  • Microring hair extensions
  • Glue-in hair extensions
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Regular keratin bonds
  • BioBonds

If you are planning for a permanent extension, you must first decide which of the methods is best for you, which will cause damage, be uncomfortable, or visible. Microlinks (including both micro and nanorings) are only suitable for thick hair as the weight of the metal ring will put a strain on already weak and fine hair. Glue-in and tape-in are both glue-based methods which means your hair is treated with chemicals on each fitting and removal. Glue and acetone-based removals are very damaging. Regular keratin is your best option for the most natural look and as the safest method. Unfortunately, most pre-bonded keratin hair also has some degree of chemical substances in it and may also have to be removed with chemical-based remover. BioBonds not only are completely organic but also biodegradable. The removal process is mechanical and no removers are used. On top bonds are infused with Biotin for healthy and faster hair growth.

Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

Blonde Non-Permanent Hair Extension

Another option you have is to install a non-permanent hair extension where you can just take off after using it. These are the type of extensions where you install during the day and remove before going to bed at night.

This is best for women who are not comfortable wearing an extension for an extended time. Hair extensions can be heavy on your hair which for some feels uncomfortable. Additionally, if you are the type of woman that wants to have a different hairstyle every single day, then a non-permanent hair extension can be your best option.

The example of hair extensions that you may want to check out are:

  • Flip-in hair extension
  • Clip-in hair extension

Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

As was mentioned earlier, taking care of your hair extensions is important whether it is permanent or non-permanent. How long will your extension last varies for each person and how well they are taking care of it. However, as a rule of the thumb, refitting hair extensions should be done every three to four months.

The hair extension itself will reach a lifespan of 9 months based on the quality of the hair used. Additionally, if you follow these tips, your extensions will surely last up to 9 months or maybe more.

Brush Your Hair Extensions Properly

Photo of Woman Holding Hair Brush

It is best to be extra gentle when you brush the extensions whether it is permanent or not. Always start at the bottom and gently work your way to the top. Gather the hair together and brush it as you are holding the hair for support.

If you encounter an annoying knot on your locks you must separate it from the rest of the hair and brush it gently until the knot will entangle.

In choosing a brush to use on your hair, opt for soft bristles or you can also use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to avoid breakage. If you use the wrong brush or comb, your hair extensions will get damaged easier as they can pull or snag your bonds as you comb your hair.

Use the Proper Hair Products

Different Hair Products

You can also extend the life of your extension if you use the proper products. Selecting the right hair products will have a significant impact in making your hair extension soft and manageable to avoid tangle.

It is best to have a hair patch test first before applying the product to the entire hair extension to avoid any possible damage. Do not forget to flip your extension over and do the patch test on the extension’s hidden area so if something went wrong only the hidden area will get damaged and you can still wear your extensions confidently.

Reduce Shedding Of Hair Extension

Shedding is normal and even your natural hair will experience shedding. This is also true for hair extensions especially if it is made of human hair. During brushing, washing, or styling your hair extension, you will see a few hairs that will fall out and you do not have to worry.

It is best to brush the extension before you wash your hair as well. The tips provided in this article will surely decrease the shedding of your extensions which is why it is important that you strictly follow these tips if you want to keep your extensions longer.

Wash The Extension Properly

Woman washing her hair in the shower

When washing your extensions, you constantly have to remember that it does not receive nutrients and oils naturally like what your natural hair does. You will have to provide the nutrients and moisture it needs through hair products such as shampoos and conditioners.

You already know what kind of hair products you must avoid and how to properly do a patch test on your extensions. In addition to the proper selection of hair products is the proper application.

Also, remember to never use conditioner on your bonds or close to the scalp at all to not disturb the natural balance of your sebum production.

After rinsing, squeeze the hair gently to get rid of excess water and pat it with a clean towel as gently as possible then dry properly.

Proper Drying

Woman in yellow holding a blower

You can opt to air dry or blow-dry your extensions.

When blow-drying hair extensions, make sure that you apply an extra layer of protection like a heat protector leave-on spray. This is to ensure that the hair on the extension will withstand the heat from the blow dryer.

Air drying your extensions is the most recommended method of drying. Use an extra-absorbent microfiber towel to wipe the water off your extensions. Do not rub the hair extension using the towel but gently pat it instead. Apply a little bit of hair oil after it dries to avoid frizz.

Key Takeaways

Hair tools (blower, comb, hair brush and scrunchies)

Using proper hair tools, products and procedures is the key to extending the lifespan of your hair extension. By doing it properly, you will never have to worry about spending money on hair extensions again for a long time. You will only have to replace it when it is completely worn out.