With some simple steps you can ensure your hair extensions look fabulously flawless for longer

1. Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after your extensions service at Wonderful Extensions.This will allow the bonds time to settle, and ensure that the cleansing chemicals within your shampoo do not make contact with unset bonds.
2. Never use products that contain sulphur, such as dandruff shampoos. These can break down the bonds of the extension and cause them to fall out. Additionaly the hair itself will be very dry and matted.
3. Do not use oils on the roots of the hair, as these can cause the bonds to get greasy, and the extensions to slide out of the hair.
4. Never wrap your hair in a towel for longer than 10 minutes as this can cause splitting and snapping. If you can, let the hair dry naturally, or use a blow dryer on a low, cool heat. If you are in a rush dry at least the bonds. Wet hair is heavier and therefore it’s best not to add strain to your natural hair.
5. After time, you may notice small amounts of your natural hair caught in the bonds. This is totally normal, and is NOT your hair being pulled out of your scalp by the extensions. Natural shedding occurs for everyone and it is not a side effect of extensions.
6. Separate your bonds regularly. Separation is done simply by putting fingers through your hair and unmatting any bonds that might have tangled together. This should be done once a week for the first month and more often as the more hair grows.
7. Before bed, gently braid the hair and tie with a small scrunchie or metal free hair-tie. This will prevent any unnecessary tangling.
8. Brush the hair twice a day using an tangle teeser brush. Be gentle and brush very slowly when close to the scalp. You can buy one here
9. Use serum on the ends. This can be Argan Oil or similar. We recommend Extraordinary Oil by Loreal available to purchase in any high street shop.
10. Brush the hair BEFORE getting into the shower. This makes the hair easier to wash, and easier to comb when you get out! Wash your hair standing upright in the shower not bending over a bath.
11. Rinse quickly with cold water. Just before you get out of the shower, (ita��s not very nice, but) turn the tap to cold and do a final rinse. This closes the pores and cuticle of the hair, ensuring the treatment is retained for as long as possible.

Voila – long luscious locks you’ll love!